Xclusive Bling Re-launch

Xclusive Bling Re-launch. We are making a come-back! We are re-launching our website with new features, a new look and new inventory. Be sure to join our list to stay current with The Xclusive Bling Re-launch, our products and Xclusive Offers!

We Re-launch in

We have launched! Our website is live and you can shop now. Just visit myxclusivebling.com.

About Xclusive Bling

Xclusive Bling was founded on March 5, 2018. I began this company because I needed income. Looking back, I remember seeing all of these ladies on Facebook Live selling these beautiful pieces of jewelry. I thought to myself “Hey, I can do that”.

I joined a company only to later find that it no longer fit my needs and I began searching for other vendors for jewelry. Today, I curate beautiful jewelry from a variety of sources ensuring that all pieces are lead and nickel free.

What started out as selling jewelry for income turned into a passion. I began building community with my customers which are more like family to me.

Thank you for joining this journey with me.

What’s ahead for Xclusive Bling

Xclusive Bling would like to invite you to a Bling Party! On Friday, October 23, 2020 we will launch our Live Shopping Channel on YouTube. Be sure to join us and subscribe for notifications. We will be live for the Xclusive Bling Re-launch Bling Party at noon.

Xclusive Bling is making a come back!!

Sneak Peek

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