Tips on Selecting Jewelry

Here are a few tips on selecting jewelry. Some things to consider are materials, price and size. Whether you are buying a piece as a gift or for yourself research is a must.


You should be aware of any allergies to metals that you or your gift recipient may have. There are people that are allergic to silver and gold metals. Other allergies can include nickel or low quality metal alloys that include nickel. When it comes to Gold the higher the karate the less likely it will irritate your skin. .925 Sterling Silver is considered hypoallergenic. If 24K Gold and Sterling Silver are out of your budget, you could opt for brass jewelry plated in 24K Gold or in Rhodium. Rhodium is a silvery-white, hard, corrosion-resistant metal. Pieces made of Brass and plated in 24K Gold or Rhodium will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Jewelry made from Brass and other high quality metal alloys are more budget friendly. When selecting a piece think about your budget and payment options. Xclusive Bling accepts AfterPay so you can make your purchase in 4 easy payments. Are you looking for some stones or do you just want a metal piece? This also reflects in the price of your jewelry. If you choose a piece with any stones the price is slightly higher than if you choose just a metal piece without stones.


Lengths and sizes? Yes jewelry comes in a variety of sizes too. When choosing a necklace picking out the right length can be nerve wrecking at times. You also have to consider ring sizes if you’re buying a ring or the length of the bracelet or anklet. When it comes to size some things to remember:

  • 14 inch necklaces fit adults like chokers but are perfect for kids
  • Womens necklaces are generally 16 or 18 inches
  • Mens necklaces are generally 22 or 24 inches
  • Use our Ring Sizer to measure your finger.
Tips on Selecting Jewelry - Chain Length Guide
This Chain Length Guide gives you an idea of where a necklace with lay with its given length.

Xclusive Bling carries a variety of Custom Name Necklaces and ready to ship jewelry and fashion accessories. Our Custom Name Necklaces come in two styles with many options to choose from. We carry Sterling Silver and Brass Name Necklaces. Sterling Silver necklaces are also offered in 24K gold platting. Our Brass Name Necklaces are plated in Rhodium or 24K Gold and encrusted in white AAA Cubic Zirconia. Our Custom Name Necklaces are made to last, won’t tarnish, fade or change your neck. These necklaces are water safe. It is not recommended to sleep or shower in these necklaces. Always remove your necklace before bed and lay flat or hang on hook or necklace bust.

The next time you are shopping consider these tips on selecting jewelry. It will save you such a headache in the long run.

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