Caring For Your Fashion Jewelry

Be Different. Be You. Be Xclusive.

Xclusive Bling strives to provide you with quality, affordable fashion jewelry that is also skin friendly. Each piece is hand selected from our vendors with you in mind. Although our fashion jewelry is affordable properly caring for your fashion jewelry will make them last longer.

Keep Your Jewelry Dry

Unlike fine jewelry you have to keep your fashion jewelry dry. When you wash your hands remove your rings and maybe even your bracelets. Avoid showers, pools, hot tubs, and any other body of water. When your fashion jewelry gets wet it can tarnish so you should pat dry immediately. 

On Last, Off First

Your fashion jewelry should always be the very last thing you put on and the very first thing you take off. Products like makeup, lotion and hair/body sprays can damage your jewelry and may also cause a minor skin reaction. Make sure your products have been absorbed into the skin before putting on your fashion jewelry. Do not sleep in your jewelry. If you are lounging around take off jewelry to prevent accidental snags.

Proper Storage

Properly storing your fashion jewelry will keep it tangle free and prevent tarnishing. One affordable way to store your jewelry is in zipped sandwich bags. If you still have the jewelry tag I recommend using it to store your jewelry in the bag. This will prevent damage to your jewelry while in storage. You may also use jewelry bags and anti tarnish paper to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing. 

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Avoid jewelry cleaners at all costs. They are too harsh and will damage your fashion jewelry. I recommend using a jewelry cleaning cloth or a dry microfiber cloth. Just wipe your jewelry clean. You should clean your jewelry after each wear to prevent any tarnishing or other damage.

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