Hey Sis! My name is Ronny, owner of Xclusive Bling. Welcome and thank you for visiting. Allow me to tell you a little about Xclusive Bling and why I started this journey.

Xclusive Bling was founded on March 5, 2018. I began this company because I needed income. Looking back, I remember seeing all of these ladies on Facebook Live selling these beautiful pieces of jewelry. I thought to myself “Hey, I can do that”.

I joined a company only to later find that it no longer fit my needs and I began searching for other vendors for jewelry. Today, I curate beautiful jewelry from a variety of sources ensuring that all pieces are lead and nickel free.

As I have grown, Xclusive Bling has grown with me. What started as selling jewelry for income turned into a passion. I began building community with my customers which are more like family to me. Xclusive Bling still has much growing to do. Well that’s enough about me.

The Vision

CYOO – Create Your Own Opportunity

Throughout life I ran into barrier after barrier. I couldn’t find a job because I had no transportation. No car because I had no job. No apartment because I had no job. I was stressed, depressed and miserable. As a single mother of two at the time, I was living in public housing, collecting food stamps and surviving off of child support. I hated my life. All I kept saying was “If someone would just give me an opportunity!”

Did I mention I was miserable in life?

Something had to change and change faster than the speed of light because I was just miserable and angry. I was tired of feeling this way. One night it came to me. What if I could create my own opportunity.

So I did!

I started looking for work from home opportunities. During that time companies were just beginning to hire virtual workers. I started doing customer service from home for a variety of different companies. Then I had another two kids and split from their father and found myself in another hole.

So I started over.

I started learning new skills that were needed. Skills like learning how to create websites, logos and other graphics. I began learning what is needed to start a business not just in my state but all over the country.

A new vision was born.

This was a long journey that is not over yet. I want to help women who were me. Stuck in a life with a dark future. I want to brighten their futures and help them use what they currently have to create their own opportunity.

I envision providing women with the confidence to create their own opportunity by educating them on style, wealth and self care and to empower women through fashion and style to be their unique selves.

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